About Copperopolis

A small town with big features

Nestled under the snow line of Highway 49 in the California foothills is the quaint little mining village of Copperopolis founded in 1860. It burned down a couple of times but always came back because of its perfect location. It was on the straight shot stagecoach line down to Stockton, a major water port that connected to San Francisco. After adding beautiful Lake Tullock in 1957, it became an important source of water for downstream agriculture.

Many homes sprung up in the hills and around the lake making it lucrative for small businesses to support their community. There are a handful of business centers with a variety of offerings including a market, hardware store, restaurants, and a gas station. But dig a little deeper and you will find a myriad of home-based services that trade with the locals and spring up at the outdoor markets and festivals. Candles, soap, granola, eggs, and vegetables complement the mechanics, handymen, and trade folks that live and operate in our town.

It’s still a small-town community and very family-oriented but growing in leaps and bounds. Everybody knows everyone and we’d like to get to know you! Please join our mailing list for updates and more information.

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About CABA

Founded in 1995, Copperopolis Area Business Association, or CABA, is a nonprofit that exists to benefit the businesses of Copperopolis, CA.  We have weathered boom and bust years and each time we re-build, continuing to focus on our businesses and community.  There are many ways, both new and old, that CABA benefits its members.​

It is CABA’s goal to be a networking platform for local Copperopolis businesses as well as connect businesses with potential customers and clientele. If you are a business in Copperopolis and have not joined yet click the button to register.

CABA is also committed to supporting the Community.  We sponsor Copper Cleanup Days, Volunteer Fairs, participate is local community events, and more.  Join us as we continue our journey,